About Target Shooting

Underwater Target Shooting, a fascinating and fun sporting discipline, first saw the light of day in the mid-1980s. It can be staged in a swimming pool or in open waters, even though swimming pools are preferred due to ease-of-use and visibility considerations. Not a lot of equipment is needed: diving mask, snorkel, a pair of fins, diving or snorkelling suit, weightbelt, a pair of gloves, mass-produced speargun (elastic or hydro-pneumatic), a silhouette and, of course, a target. Like all sports, Target Shooting has undergone changes over time, especially its rules. Underwater Target Shooting as we now know it is the result of almost twenty years of development. There was a single speciality to begin with, consisting of striking a single target with as many spears as possible in a single dive in apnoea. Now the discipline is split up into three specialities: Precision, Biathlon and Relay.   more »

Anti-doping section

The World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) mission is to lead a collaborative worldwide campaign for doping-free sport. WADA works towards a vision of a world where all athletes compete in a doping-free sporting environment.
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