Chinese Federation's Intensive CMAS Course uplifts Diving Instruction Standards with Training for 2 and 3 Star Instructors

technical 18.05.2023

Over 15-day an intensive CMAS course was carefully designed to encompass all the crucial aspects of diving for CMAS 2 and 3 Star Instructors, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of fundamental teaching techniques to advanced safety measures and risk management. 

This training program has not only enabled Chinese instructors to improve their existing skills and acquire new techniques but has also provided them with a platform to familiarize themselves with the latest advances in training methodologies and teaching tools that CMAS has recently introduced.

The Chinese Federation CUA has put a lot of effort into the success of this training, which has already resulted in the upgrading of over 34 M3 instructors.

I would like to thank The Chinese Federation CUA for the well-organized process. First with a series of online seminars (during the Covid-19 shutdown) and finally these courses. Also a special thanks to the instructor trainer from CMAS TC Mr. Rezik Abdelaziz who did a great job during the whole training where he represented CMAS with his expertise and great value for diving.

In conclusion, CMAS would like to express all our gratitude to the Chinese federation, in particular, NANA, for providing all the resources and support necessary to make this training program a success. I also thank the instructors who attended the course and all those that helped in organizing the event, especially Gao, Jack, Guane - and Viv.

Flemming Holm
CMAS TC president


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