World Ocean Reviews” (WOR) are available for download

Science 28.11.2014

Vast and inaccessible, the oceans are difficult to comprehend and are rarely at the centre of our attention. Nor do they have advocates or lobbyists. This is quite remarkable, since the oceans crucially determine our climate and are an increasingly important source of our food. The “World Ocean Reviews” (WOR) are a unique compilation presenting the state of our oceans and encapsulating cutting-edge science.

The first “World Ocean Review” is published in 2010. The result is a comprehensive, detailed and unique report about the state of the world’s oceans and their interplay with ecological, economic and sociopolitical conditions. The following report (WOR II), the second in the series, focuses on the future of fish and their exploitation. The third issue of the World Ocean Review, WOR III, is devoted to marine resources – metals and energy – and their utilization.

The “World Ocean Reviews” (WOR) are available for download in English at Educational Materials > Biology Educational Materials

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