UNESCO Scientific Colloquium on the Access to Underwater Cultural Heritage in Copenhagen

Science 23.06.2016

A Scientific Colloquium on the Access to Underwater Cultural Heritage and the UNESCO Convention on the protection of this heritage took place in the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen on 8 and 9 June 2016.

The colloquium was organized by UNESCO in close cooperation with the National Museum of Denmark. It was preceded by a regional intergovernmental meeting open to State representatives only. The Scientific Colloquium brought together representatives of the authorities of the States of the region, scholars, and universities.

The main topics were „Access to Underwater Cultural Heritage – How to make the difference through provinding access“, „Underwater Cultural Heritage in Museums“, „Access to Underwater Cultural Heritage in situ“, „Virtual Access to Underwater Cultural Heritage“ and „The use of Underwater Cultural Heritage for Tourism“.

CMAS was represented by Gerd Knepel (CMAS Director Underwater Cultural Heritage), Sergey Fazlullin (CMAS Director for Scientific Diving), Carlos Aguilar (Federación Española de Actividades Subacuáticas, FEDAS) and Ralph O. Schill (CMAS President of the Scientific Committee).

Picture: Gerd Knepel, Ralph O. Schill, Carlos Aguilar and Sergey Fazlullin

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