The 3D Thistlegorm Project

Science 10.07.2017

With funding from the Egyptian/British scheme Newton/Mosharafa and with the support of the CMAS, a joint Egyptian/British team from Alexandria University, Ain Shams University and University of Nottingham, carried out the first detailed 3D documentation and modeling of Red Sea’s most famous shipwreck (SS Thistlegorm). The SS Thistlegorm was a British armed Merchant Navy ship built in England in 1940 and was sunk on 6 October 1941 by German Airforce near Ras Muhammad in the Red Sea while it was on its way to Alexandria. The wreck is a well-known diving site which requires and urgent management plan to preserve it form damage caused by intense diving and by diving boats mooring on the wreck.

The project is co-directed by Dr. Jon Henderson of the University of Nottingham and Dr. Emad Khalil of Alexandria University and member of the CMAS Scientific Committee.



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