Scientific Diving Training Course - Stuttgart 2018

Science 24.10.2018

In September 2018, STARESO hosted the annual scientific diving training course of the CDC GER/S01 WiTUS (Scientific diving group University of Stuttgart). STARESO (STAtion de Recherches Sous-marines et Océanographiques) is a scientific station dedicated to marine research. It is located in Calvi Bay on the North-Western coast of Corsica (France) in the Mediterranean Sea.

Together with our students we worked on three topics:

  1. 3-D underwater observations

    With more than 100 underwater photos, a high-resolution 3-D documentation of reef-forming corals could be created using special software.

  2. Calcareous sponges

    Not only do calcareous sponges occur very rarely, but from their biology and ecology little is known. Here, valuable knowledge about the occurrence could be gained by an exact documentation.

  3. Documentation of biodiversity of different habitats

    From the extensive seagrass meadows, the splendidly overgrown blocky grounds and the Coraligène, mappings were made and the organismic diversity recorded.

This year’s scientific diving training was organized together with a student diving excursion and SCUBA diving training. Both were very successful.

On top of that, we congratulate Jennifer Tersteegen, Angela Ziltener and Frederic Cadera to their successful scientific diving examination, as CMAS Advanced Scientific Divers and Scientific Diver, respectively.

Prof. Dr. Franz Brümmer & Dipl.-Geol. Ralph-Walter Müller
CDC GER/S01 WiTUS University Stuttgart

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