Scientific Diver Training Course

Science 09.01.2020

The Scientific Diving Centre of TU Bergakademie Freiberg offers a training course for scientists and students to qualify divers as “Scientific Diver” or “Advanced Scientific Diver”. Interested divers can register until the 31.05.2020.

All scientific disciplines as well as companies are welcome to attend the course. The training course consists of two modules which are explained at the end of this mail.In this context, I like to ask you if you can publish the following information’s about the course in relevant areas at your department.

Module I: 26.06. -05.07.2020 (theory and practice including 2 dive camps) at the Scientific Diving Center (GER/S00), TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. The course is separated into lectures in the morning and practical pool training in the afternoon. Topics of the lectures can be adapted to the participants and will be e.g. oceanology, geoscience, hydrothermal systems, submarine volcanism, measuring equipment or photo and video documentation. At the beginning and at the end of the course a two day dive camp with practical training in freshwater lakes will take place. Scientific under water work like e.g. transect line, documentation, lift bag, measuring devices, sampling and dive planning will be trained.

Module II: 29.08. -12.09.2020 (field trip) at Sveta Marina, Croatia.The excursion will be a two weeks research project in the marine environment of Croatia from 31. 08. -14.09.2019. During the field trip the participants work on a scientific topic. Different working groups offer many topics in the field of e.g. geology, water chemistry, marine biology, microbiology, heat and material transport or photo and video documentation. Participant ́s own ideas and topics can also be considered.

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