Red Sea Symposium 2018

Science 15.05.2018

The Egyptian Diving and Lifesaving Federation (EDLF), in collaboration with the UNESCO UNITWIN Network for Underwater Archaeology and CMAS Scientific and Sustainability Committee, organized the successful “International Red Sea Symposium“ and EDLF instructor updating course in Hurghada, Egypt. It was organized in the framework of the „International Year of the Reefs 2018“ and focused on the biology, geology and underwater cultural heritage of the Red Sea.

The speakers gave interesting lectures about “CMAS Diving Standards and Procedures” (Mohsen El-Gohary), “Special Needs Diving” (Ashraf Sabry), “Diving Boats: types and safety” (Mohamed Amin), “Equipment Maintenance” (Sameh Mosaharafa), “Scientific diving in the context of Bologna and higher education” (Ralph-Walter Müller), “Wreck Site Management” (Emad Khalil), „Diving Related Accidents - Barotrauma“ (Hossam Al-Gebaly), „Marine Conservation & Artificial Reefs“ (Mohamed Kotb), “Scuba diving and coral reef protection” (Johann Vifian), “HighTec Fluorescence - a tool for screening of endangered coral reefs and underwater archaeology” (Horst Grunz), “Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Red Sea” (Emad Khalil), “Research and conservation of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins around Hurghada, Northern Red Sea, Egypt” (Angela Ziltener), "Training and research at the Scientific Diving Center TU Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany" (Thomas Grab), "Sampling Techniques in Submarine Volcanic Gas and Water Exhalations" (Broder Merkel) and „Underwater Cultural Heritage in Saudi Arabia“ (Gerd Knepel).


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