International Historical Divers' Meeting

Science 05.07.2017

The International Historical Divers' Meeting celebrated the 10 year aniversary in Neustandt/Wstr. and Lake Lingenfeld, Germany, on June 17th & 18th. More than 70 collectors of vintage diving gear from 14 different countries participated.


The meeting started on Saturday with different lectures on diving history related themes:  „A View back on 10 years historical divers meeting in Neustadt“ (Franz Rothbrust HDS D/F), „Deep diving record 240m in the Red Sea 2002“ (Jens Höner HDS D), „ARGYRONETE/SAGA French research submarine used by Cousteau and Comex“  (Jean Grepinet HDS F/D), „Scandinavian diving history from  910 – 1820“ (Björn W. Kahrs HDS N), „Historical wreck diving projects in Greece“ (George Kamarinos HDS D) and „Retro diving at Bořená hora 2015“ (Milan Nachtigal  HDS CZ ).  On Sunday they met at Lake Lingenfeld to show their collections, to buy and trade parts of interest.  All participants had a great time!


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