First "Underwater Cultural Heritage Discovery Course"

Science 05.07.2017

The first "Underwater Cultural Heritage Discovery Course" worldwide took place in Austria at Lake Attersee in June 2017.

The priority aim of this CMAS-Course is to introduce divers to aspects of underwater cultural heritage, to highlight the different types of archaeological sites and to increase awareness about the protection of underwater cultural heritage. Five lessons are scheduled for the theoretical part and two dives for the practical training.

The course was organized by Henrik Pohl and Gerd Knepel from the CMAS “Underwater Cultural Heritage” section  in collaboration with the Austrian Diving Federation (TVSÖ) and designed for divers with an interest in underwater archeology. It was also an Instructor Course for multiplier. This course was supported by the Kuratorium Pfahlbauten and the local divebase "Under Pressure".

„In this region are many remains of prehistoric settlements dating from 5,000 to 500 BC which are situated under water“, said Ralph Schill, President of the CMAS Scientific Committee. „These are exceptionally well-preserved and culturally rich archaeological sites and therfore it is important to make its visitors aware of the respect of our underwater cultural heritage.“

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