CMAS Scientific Diving Center of the University of Stuttgart - Successful scientific diving training at the marine research station STARESO

Science 26.10.2015

This year, training for the CMAS Scientific Diver (CSD) qualification took place at the marine biological research station STARESO (Station de Recherche Océanographiques et sous-marines) in Corse (France) for the second time, organized by the scientific diving group of Stuttgart University (WiTUS, CSC GER/S01) around Prof. Franz Brümmer and Dipl.-Geol. Ralph-Walter Müller. Three CSD-candidates, two Advanced Scientific Diver (ACSD) and two Scientific Diving Instructor candidates took part in the practical education week from the 20th to 25th September 2015.


The future scientific divers learned and practiced the application of different scientific methods for under water research, e.g. the handling of airlifts and airbags, to drive an underwater scooter, how to use a full-mask or the preparation and usage of a transect. Additionally, preparation and interpretation of scientific dives along with their documentation and a risk assessment plays an important role for the education. These tools of a scientific diver were applied in two practical projects of the ACSD-candidates which engaged on the monitoring of sponges (Porifera) in the coastal ecosystems of Corse (University Stuttgart) as well as the bacterial epibionts on sea weed (Posidonia oceanica) (DSMZ Braunschweig).


The theoretical education of diverse scientific methods and the preparation of the projects were performed in regional lakes in Germany before this scientific excursion.


Congratulation to all new CMAS scientific divers and thanks to the entire group (all together 19 divers) for this successful week as well to stuff of STARESO for their great support!


The entire education was conducted in compliance with the scientific diving standards of the CMAS.


(Chm, UStut)

picture credits: Ch. Jogler, P. Hornburger, Ch. Müller, F. Brümmer




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