5th European Conference on Scientific Diving

Science 29.04.2019


The 5th European Conference on Scientific Diving took place at the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot. The intent of ECSD is to provide a large, international forum for presenting the latest research results carried out in Europe using diving.


During the conference, we presented the „UNESCO-CMAS Code of Practice for Scientific Diving“.  The „Code of Practice for Scientific Diving“ has been prepared for the first time 30 years ago by the CMAS Scientific Committee to provide scientific divers with guidance on safe practice under varying experimental and environmental conditions. The Code offers advice and recommendations on administrative practices, insurance, terms of employment, medical standards, training standards, dive planning, safety with different breathing gases and different breathing systems, expedition planning, and guidance for a wide range of different diving environments. Conditions analysed include polar diving, cave diving, night diving, diving in the open ocean, diving in surf, diving at high altitude, etc. Recommendations are also given for the use of various potentially hazardous types of equipment.


The overall objective must be that scientists, if qualified in one country, could dive in another EU country and worldwide with similarly qualified scientists.


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