CMAS President's message to the Underwater Community


Dear friends,

Over the past number of days many athletes and divers from all over the world have expressed their feelings regarding the war in Ukraine. NOBODY in CMAS wants the war, NOBODY! I rebuke not only war but even the idea of using force against other human beings. We ought to understand that the world is divided not only into nations, but also into decency and villainy, violence and goodness which have no nationality. We are all qualified by our actions, rather than just by our nationality. We ought to admit-one's actions should determine who they are, not where they were born. We shall all be united under the objective of saving peace and progress and work to preserve the lives of people. We are all humans; we all feel this pain. Throughout history, sport never divides, but always unites. I genuinely hope it stays that way.

I wish safety and health to all the people in need right now.

Anna Arzhanova

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