Spearfishing Commission meeting on 08.04.2022 via SportData

Spearfishing 23.09.2022

Members attending the meeting: 

  • CRO Valentina Prokic (SF Commission Director)   
  • BEL Michel Gaunard (VP Cmas Sports Committee)
  • SPA Sergio Perez Hernandez (Secretary)   
  • COL  Diego Leon Rodriguez    
  • FINL Ville  Lahikainen    
  • TUNISIA Rifaat Bahri  
  • SOUTH AFRICA Angelo Spada 
  • EGYPT  Mohammad Adel 
  • ITALY Marco Paggini SFC 
  • ALG Samir Chaouch  
  • PORT António Mourinha  
  • ARG  Jorge Martin Hocko 
  • LEB  Rachid Zock  
  • GRE  Nikos Kambanis 
  • TUR Ahmet Tekin

Member Diego Leon Rodriguez informs members about the progress of PAC 2022. Brasil, and Ville Lahikainen about the situation with European Freshwater Championship in Finland in august 2022. Members nominated TD’s final for this year’s competition. WC Cup for Clubs Croatia was canceled by the federation because of a small number of registration (5). Discussion about Laredo’s (Spain) candidacy for WC 2023. As Scandinavian countries canceled. Discussion bout creating working groups on the proposal of the Sports Committee, about insurance and safety liability.  


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