RECCÜ 2019 Diving and Safety Seminar - 16th March 2019, Helsinki.

technical 01.04.2019

CMAS Technical Committee President  Flemming Holm was invited as one of the speakers in RECCÜ 2019 – Diving and Safety Seminar organised 16th March 2019 by Finnish Divers’ Federation in Helsinki. The Future of CMAS Training was the topic of Flemming Holm’s presentation. Finnish Divers’ Federation has renewed its dive training recently a lot by rewriting a lot of dive standards and policies and by bringing eLearning into the training. Pentti Hartikainen from Finnish Divers’ Federation Technical Committee was presenting this in the seminar. Courses can be implemented with more flexibility than before and club activity in organising different courses has increased.

Why do divers die and why can't we talk about the causes for diver death were interesting topics in the seminar presented by representatives of Finnish Divers’ Federation Anne Räisänen-Sokolowski and Matti Anttila.  Dr. Alessandro Marroni, President of DAN Europe presented DAN Diving Research and Mikko Paasi, Finnish member in Thailand Cave Rescue Operation told about the demanding rescue operation of the football team.

There are many interesting wrecks in the Baltic Sea. Immi Wallin gave a presentation about Huis te Warmelo, 16th Century Dutch Warship in the seminar.  Huis te Warmelo lies in 62 meters depth and is the best-preserved Dutch Navy ship found. She was identified only in 2015 and further investigation will be done on the wreck.

115 persons attended the seminar and the feedback was very positive.


Sari Nuotio

Finnish Divers´ Federation




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