The Cyprus Underwater Activities Association celebrates its 40th anniversary

confederation 16.03.2023

On the 10th of march 2023 Cyprus Federation of Underwater Activities celebrates 40 years of its existence in the Cyprus Olympic Building, with an abundance of a specialized audience of C.M.A.S. members, representatives, government representatives, from the Ministry of Tourist, ministry of interiors, and the elected president of the union of mayors in the republic of Cyprus, Mr. Andrea's Vira's, who has given the awards, together with the vice president of Cyprus Sports Organization. Mr Costakis koukoullis.

The Celebration opening started with a chronological presentation and speech by the president of C.F.U.A., Dr. Stavros Kaniklides, followed up by showing the importance of C.M.A.S., And two small films regarding the Activities, C.F.U.A, awarded the first presented Mr. Glafkos Cariolou and the second elected president Mr. Chris Eleftheriou. The veterans' instructors, a unique honorary diploma, and gold metals have been sent free of charge from C.M.A.S. Headquarters as a kind gesture for the contribution to C.M.A.S., and signed by the C.M.A.S. presented Anna ARZHANOVA and the General Secretary, Mr. Kevin O'Shaughnessy.

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