First CMAS Freshwater European Spearfishing Championship, Puruvesi, Finland

Spearfishing 23.09.2022

Lopez Cid and Levonen won titles

Spanish spearfisherman Santiago Lopez Cid between man and Jemmi Levonen from Finland between woman conquer the Title of Europan Freshwater champions. The first CMAS Freshwater European Spearfishing Championship was organized by CMAS and the Finnish Underwater Federation on Lake Puruvesi in august. 24 men and 13 women athletes participated in this first edition and not only from Nordic countries where spearfishing in lakes is very popular but also Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Great Britain. A special mention to the Team Ukraine, managing to be present despite the war with Russia. As special guests came USA Team, even though not part of the European countries, has strongly wanted to be present, due to their great tradition and growing diffusion of freshwater spearfishing. 

No huge catches are caught on the first day of the Championship. At the end of day 1, it is an amazing Turk athlete Kilic Sabri won the day. He brings 14 valid fish for a total of 18904 points. Close behind the local champion Matti Pyykko, with 15 valid catches and 18479 points (97.7%). Third of the day is the Spanish champion Santiago Lopez Cid, with 9 valid fish and 15996 points (84.6%).

In the women’s standing, the first day is won by the Finnish athlete, Jemmi Levonen. The local spearfisher woman, the most experienced in team Finland, brings to the weighing 7 valid fish, for a total of 6546 points. Far behind is the second, the Ukrainian Anzhela Holovianko, with one valid fish and 2700 points (41.2%). The third was her compatriot Svetlana Mayorova (one valid fish, 2212 points and 33.8%).

But in the end, Santiago Lopez Cid wins day 2 with 21898 points and the Title. Behind him was the Finnish Kim Jaatinen, with 18908 points (86.4%). Third is, again on the podium, the Turk Kilic Sabri. He was too far from the Spanish (15240 points and 69.6%) to be able to hold to his first position of the day. 

Finally, Angel Santiago Lopez wins the individual title (184.6%). The second was Kilic Sabri (169.6%) and the third was Matti Pyykko (163.8%).

Among the women, it is once again Jemmi Levonen to win the day, with 8692 points. Second is once again by Anzhela Holovianko with 4528 points (52.1%). The third is an excellent Elisabeth Fosstveit, of the Norwegian Team (4176 points- 48%), who was eighth on day 1.

In the end, Jemmi Levonen is the absolute champion and title winner of the 1st CMAS Freshwater European Spearfishing Championship (200%). Second is Anzhela Holovianko (93.3%) , and third Elisabeth Fosstveit (62.3%).

Among the men, it is the home team Finland won the competition (425.5%). Second is a fantastic team Turkey (316.5%) and third an always strong Spain (306.1%). 

Among the women, the first is Team Finland led to victory by the Champion Jemmi Levonen (261.2%). Behind, Team Ukraine (144.1% with only two athletes). Third is Team Norway (76.1%, also with only two athletes).

The most spectacular catches have been the pikes, the biggest one of almost 10 kgs caught by the Ukrainian athlete and Captain, Oleksandr Halaktionov.

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