Course for Technical Delegate

Spearfishing 23.09.2022

As scheduled by CMAS SF Commission and approved by BOD, last 16th and 17th September 2021. took place in the Accreditation Course for CMAS Technical Delegates Spearfishing – Level 2 (International Judge Spearfishing).

As the Training Leader appointed by BOD to be in charge of the Accreditation Course, Sergi Perez certified that all people list below:

1. Has presented its own National Federation Secretary signed documents proven fulfilling candidacy requirements to be accepted to the course.

2. Has attended the Accreditation Training with required performance to be approved as Cmas Technical Delegate Spearfishing – Level 2

List of attendants/new Technical Delegates from September 2021:

  1. Eros Soric (Croatia)
  2. Rifaat Bahri (Tunis)
  3. Antonio Morata (Spain)
  4. Lorenzo Coll Tomas (Spain)
  5. Guillermo Ferreiro (Spain)
  6. Tomeu Salas (Spain)
  7. Jesus Exposito (Spain)
  8. Angel Botran (Spain)
  9. Andres Sureda (Spain)

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