Official Statement of CMAS Board Of Directors



Today, CMAS Board Of Directors fully endorsed their Presidents’ public statement published on the 3rd of March, 2022

CMAS has deeply rooted values that are shared by all its members and athletes and strongly believes in promoting Fair Play, Peace, Solidarity and Protection of species worldwide.

Following the war in Ukraine, the CMAS BOD decided:

  • In the name of Fair Play to suspend Russian and Belarus athletes and officials from participating in CMAS sporting events, given the incapacity of Ukrainian athletes to take part.
  • In the name of CMAS value of solidarity CMAS will not issue diving certificates to Russian and Belarusian federations
  • To avoid the promotion of Russia and Belarus, by:
    • Removing Flags from communication tools
    • Not holding CMAS events in Russia and Belarus
    • Suspending relations with the Russian and Belarusian media
    • Prohibiting Russian and Belarusian companies from sponsoring CMAS events

CMAS Secretary General 

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