Clean-up event in Jordan

technical 10.03.2023

In conjunction with the CMAS TC assisting with the International CMAS Instructor course in Aqaba, Jordan, a clean-up event was arranged.

It is very important to the CMAS TC to follow the wise words of the CMAS founder Jacques-Yves Cousteau: "Let's protect what we love." It's always easy to say, but wise words require action. And that is why this event was organized.

After just 3 hours of diving and cleaning up the beach, these words became action and both the seabed and the beach appeared a little nicer after the event than before.

Many thanks to everyone who participated; the course participants, local diving centres, and other divers. Special thanks to Aqaba Diving Association Mr. Khamash Yasin.

Flemming Holm
Technical committee President

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