ITA Monthly Webinar 2023

medical-sport 27.08.2023

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ITA August monthly webinar is dedicated to “Whereabouts – A practical guide for athletes”.

Whereabouts responsibilities can be a source of anxiety for athletes who are in a testing pool. Therefore, ITA August monthly

webinar aims to provide you with practical guidance and advice to give you confidence to fulfil your responsibilities.

ITA is delighted to be joined by Krisztina Bedocs, 3x European Champion & 5x World Championship medallist in Kayaking, who has been included in a testing pool for many years. Krisztina will share her firsthand experience and tips for other athletes.

The second expert panellist joining this webinar is Kate Hovrjaka, ITA Athlete Support Officer. Kate will present case scenarios based on common situations faced by athletes and provide practical guidance. This webinar will be highly interactive, and ITA will leave time for your questions for Krisztina and Kate at the end of the session.

As always, the webinar is delivery in English with simultaneous translation to four additional languages – Arabic, Spanish, French and Russian.

Topic: Whereabouts – A practical guide for athletes

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Event date: Wednesday 30 August, 14:00 – 15:00 CEST


  • Krisztina Bedocs, European & World Champion medalist for Serbia
  • Kate Hovrjaka, ITA Athlete Support Officer

Moderator: Armando Urban, ITA Education Team

Medical Anti-Doping Director

President Sports Committee

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