21st CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships - 2nd Day


In the Elite Men’s grade New Zealand had two wins including an impressive 3-0 over France to remain at the top of the table.  Turkey also has two good wins today 15-0 over Germany and 3-1 over Spain.  New Zealand and Turkey play tomorrow (game 71) which has the promise of an exciting game.  Great Britain had two close games winning 2-1 over Colombia and 1-0 Australia. South Africa finished the day with a win over USA 5-0 to be in second place on the table along with Great Britain and Turkey.

The qualifying section for the Women’s grade is now complete and the two divisions are now confirmed (Division A – top 8 and Division B - remaining 5). In Group C the final seedings were determined between Australia and Colombia by a coin toss which resulted in Colombia being top seed for their group.  Points gained against the other qualifier from their respective groups are carried forward to the Division A points table – this may prove to be decisive for the final seedings.

All teams in the Elite Women’s Division A played this afternoon with New Zealand defeating South Africa 7-1 and Great Britain winning 2-1 against Australia in a tight contest.  Colombia has a good win against USA 3-1 and Spain and France drew 1-1 with Spain. Tomorrows top of the table game between Great Britain and New Zealand (Game 81) has the hallmark of a great game with the added factor of being the repeat of the 2018 final.

A third straight win by the French team in the Masters Women’s grade sees them lead the grade after a close win over Australia 2-1. New Zealand had two solid wins today over Canada (8-0) and USA (8-3).  Tomorrows match (game 79) between Australia and New Zealand will be one to watch.

In the Men’s Masters grade USA and New Zealand continue their good starts after a win each with USA defeating France 4-1 and New Zealand winning 9-0 against South Africa.

Another great day of Underwater Hockey here at the 21st CMAS Underwater Hockey World Championships at the Gold Coast and tomorrow looks no different with the added factor of match ups between a number of the top teams.


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