CMAS Scientific Diving Center UNIVALI (BRAS00)

The CMAS Scientific Diving Center/UNIVALI is located at the Diving laboratory (Laboratório de Mergulho Submarino – LMS), at Universidade do Vale do Itajaí (UNIVALI) in Itajaí SC, Brazil.

This laboratory is structured in a 44m2 area comprising two separated rooms. The first, a living area containing computers, library and document cabinets, and the second an equipment room stores 23 sets of free diving and scuba diving equipment, two full face masks with surface communication unit, two underwater scooters and dive computers, reels, tape measures, buoys, diving slates and other equipment for scuba diving. In addition, the laboratory is also equipped with two water tanks with 700 L capacity for washing equipment, furniture with tank racks, shower, sinks, bench for equipment maintenance and other instruments used for research.

All diving operations carried out by the University are planned and implemented by the LMS as guided by the UNIVALI’s Rules for Scientific Diving, document established in 2003.

The LMS supports research activities, teaching and extension of this institution and is coordinated by Professor Ewerton Wegner, an oceanographer and CMAS Scientific diver Instructor. Two employees offer a very important support for the laboratory activities, oceanographer Juliana Freitas (CMAS Scientific Diver, Instructor**)  and Pedro Meister (CMAS Instructor***). In addition, 4 trainees consist as part of the staff team and assist in teaching activities.

Since 1995 the SCUBA Diver course has been a discipline, with 60 hours training, offered to students at UNIVALI. More recently, since 2005, a Scientific Diver course, with 45 hours training, also became a discipline that, until 2013, has certified 54 Scientific Divers.

Contact address

Laboratorio de Mergulho Submarino
Bloco E2 sala 109, CTTMar/UNIVALI
Rua Uruguai 458, centro. Itajaí SC
Brasil, CEP 88 302-202