The CMAS Scientific Diving Center (ESPS00) Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

The CMAS Scientific Diving Center (ESPS00) is located at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. The Scientific Diving Laboratory (SDL) is situated in the Marine Sciences Faculty and ia able to use all facilities (classroom, biology laboratories, computers, library, and more…). It has a 40m2 large area for equipment stores; 18 sets of scuba diving equipment; a BAUER MV 120-5.5-2, 225-330 bar, 5, 5 kW compressor; fresh water sinks for cleaning the equipment; furniture with tank racks and a bench for equipment maintenance; and specific equipment for scientific research. We have three inflatable boats (6m-135 hp, 4m-30 hp, 2.4m-2.5 hp).

The SDL supports and supplements the research and teaching activities of the Biology Department and the Marine Sciences Faculty. Coordinator of the SDL are from the technical side Jose Antonio Martin Garcia, a commercial diver and CMAS Scientific Diving Instructor and from the Academic side Professor Angel Luque Escalona, Professor for Marine Ecology, a CMAS Scientific Diving Instructor.

Our research activities are focused on investigations of marine coastal ecosystems mainly in Marine Protected Areas and provide support to other researchers who need underwater assistance. The SDL follows the security regulations of Spain and CMAS Scientific Committee.

Since 2004 the course “Scientific Diving Technique” (theory 15 hours and practices 24 hours) was conducted with students of the Marine Sciences Faculty. A requirement for this course is a basic diving qualification, comparable to CMAS *.

Since 2006 the course ”Scientific diving in coastal research and management” (theory 15 hours and practices 24 hours) is implemented in the Master and PhD Programme Erasmus Mundus in Water and Coastal Management (Wacoma) at Cadiz University.

The practical part of this course is done in Las Palmas. Regularly our students already know oceanography, marine botany, zoology and ecology.

Contact address:
D. José Antonio Martín García
Prof.Dr. Angel Luque Escalona
Departamento de Biología. Facultad de Ciencias del Mar
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
35017, Las Palmas, Span